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French Navy BB Liberte Class, Democratie

  • Dscf20161
"MSW crew-mate Bob Cicconi sends us a gallery of images of his latest build, Fleet Net's 1/700 scale Liberte Class French Navy BB, built as the Democratie, in this MSW "On Display" Feature!"

Here are a few photos of the Fleet Net 1/700 Liberte that came out recently. I built it as the Democratie, which is actually the subject of the kit, as she was the only one of the four that had the protective bulges on each hull side under the bow anchors.

If you wanted to build one of the other three you would need to sand them off. The kit is nicely molded and detailed, and it only needed some normal PE items added, such as the railings and ladders. I scratchbuilt the forward anchor crane and masts from brass rod, and used some surplus deck guns in place of the kit supplied parts.

I rigged it with stretched sprue, and used Floquil and Testors enamels. I hope Fleet Net comes out with another French pre-dread soon as it was an easy, fun build, and had detail very close to Combrig's standard.

More on the Liberté Class.
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About the Author

About Bob Cicconi (bobcicconi)


Another great build by the master, and excellent subject. I bought the Liberte at Telford although I thought it to be an expensive kit in which case, Combrig has more value for money. On closer inspection the detail and casting is top although Rob K questioned the deck finish as to whether it was metal and not timber. Nice to see these more obscure ships in focus! Peter F
MAY 18, 2009 - 08:15 PM
very nice job Bob as usual! i really like those boat of yours
MAY 20, 2009 - 08:44 PM
Great work, Bob!
MAY 24, 2009 - 07:06 AM