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Bison I

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About the Author

About Mike Taylor (modelguy2)


Superb work. The weathering is outstanding. I would really like to know exactly how you achieved such a natural streaking effect; it looks exactly as if it had sat outside in the dew and had scale droplets of water run down the sides. Also, I've read some rather dire things about Alan kits and have never built one, so I would like to hear your comments about this kit and what you had to do in the way of adding aftermarket items or whatever else you had to do to overcome its deficiencies. Michael
MAY 24, 2007 - 06:19 PM
Thanks Michael, It is out of box , The kit really doesn't need any sftermarket parts, with the exception of the tampon. It's built up with acrylic laquer and a 1/700 PE anchor chain. The weathering is a combination of enamels, future,wet brushing and oversprays (is that what they're calling "filters" these days?) The wheels needed the backs sanded as they didn't fit in the track teeth. Other than that anyone that bashed this kit just doesn't know how to model, just assemble. Weathering is an art unto itself. It takes practice and talent. No amount of turned barrels, pe parts, or resin goodies can make it "look" real. You have to understand what happens to the vehicle once it leaves the factory. What weathering technique should overlap another. If it rains what happens? How much is too much? When is it artsy and when is it realistic? Study, think, and practice and build something besides tigers and panthers. Try a kit that doesn't fall together. There that should give people something to chew on huh? Total cost.....$14.00US Mike T
MAY 25, 2007 - 10:17 AM
lovely job Mike i have this one in the pile and quite a few other alan kits and i too like them, they are fun, cheap and some very interesting subjects, great looking build. Ron.
MAY 25, 2007 - 11:20 AM