Aircraft at SMW 2009
by: Andy Brazier

Scale Model World 2009
Held over the 6th and 7th of November in Telford, England, Scale Model World has become the biggest model show in the world. Traders, IPMS branch stands, SiG groups and the Overseas IPMS stands adorn two of the aircraft hanger size halls. The first hall holds the competition area, kit swap and the dining facilities. With the imminent release of Airfix's 1/24th scale Mosquito, Airfix had two built versions on their stand as well as the sprues. This kit is big, and impressive. Trying to get any sprue shots of this kit is nigh on impossible, due to Airfix putting the sprues on a brushed aluminium counter which makes it extremely hard to photograph, as well as being jostled by the big crowds Airfix always seem to attract. The Tamiya 1/32nd scale Spitfire was also on display, and does look to be a beautifully engineered kit. The built unpainted version in a closed cabinet really does get you drooling. Revell had the customary stand packed with built models, with the 1/32nd Euro-fighter Typhoon taking pride of place at the front. Most of the traders seemed to be busy, with lots of the punters holding more then one bag of goodies. With over 250 traders, IPMS branch and SiG stands, there is pretty much something for everyone at this show.
The competition
The competition are was packed with seemingly more aircraft then any other type of model, over 200 at a rough count, and was well fought over the several different categories. The Senior best of show award went to Akos Szabo for his crashed and gutted Ju-88 D1. The best aircraft award was deservedly won by Konstantinos Patsaros for his very impressive Caudron G4 (see page 3 for pics).

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