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Shinsengumi have brought out six new German camouflage decal sheets.
  • SG01-01
There is no better way to get the look of wood than with wood. Sinsengumi Models proudly announces their latest releases, the 1/350 Wood Deck Set for Battleship Nagato and 1/350 Wood Deck Set for Battleship Yamato. These wood decks are pre-cut and ready for installation on Hasegawa’s Nagato and Tamiya’s Yamato. No cutting is necessary, just apply the wood directly to the plastic deck. Retail price for these sets are $86.84 for the Nagato and $88.80 for the Yamato.
SHINSENGUMI is a new Japanese company which is developing camouflage decals for a range of WW2 and Modern camouflage uniforms.