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Among new products for November, we find very interesting and innovative Laminated Propeller Mask Tool from master modeler Radu Brinzan that will be of interest for all spruce and linen builders.
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RB Productions announced new figure:
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RB Productions have prepared two sets of decals for bigger scales kits (1:48 and 1:32), dedicated to the Bf 109E's of Romanian Air Force.
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RB Productions has released PE Rigging Turnbuckles set in 1:32 which could be of interest for the Early Aviation afficionados.
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Expanding the capability of their Flip-R5 photo etch bending tool, RB Productions announces the upcoming release of three new accessories for their handy photo etch tool. First is the RB-T003 designed for tapered bends such as mast and crane arms. Next up is the RB-T004 for parallel bends such as channels, stairs, armor shields and catapults. Last but not least is the RB-T005 for handles, ladders, etc. Each one of these attachments retail for $3.85 each. RB Productions also announces that similar accessories will be available soon for their Flip-R10 too.
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The name Radu Brinzan should need little introduction - he's the master pattern maker behind some of the superb resin and photo-etch kits and accessories produced by EagleParts and MDC.

But as well as producing patterns, Radu has also developed a unique new PE folding tool - the Flip-R10.
Radu Brinzan is getting himself quite a reputation as a producer of high quality accessories. His new decal set gives you an insight into his personal passion and interests.