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Michael Szapowalow from Air Connection has sent us details of Volume One of the highly anticipated new study on the 56th Fighter Group by Peter Randall and our own Nigel Julian (Lampie). The new book will come complete with decals in three popular modelling scales.
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AJ-Press have recently released a book dedicated to two fighter squadrons of US Navy which fought on F-4U Corsair.
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The U.S. Half-Track variants although available as generally good models in 1/35th scale, do require a fair amount of reference to clarify details. Here's news of the Second Volume of AJ-Press' book on the subject.
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The Polish publisher, AJ Press have just released a useful new book on Japanese Armor Camouflage.
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Almost immediately after releasing the first volume of the Churchill monograph, AJ-Press publishing house has announced a new book on EARLY French Armor.
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With AFV Club having announced the mouth-watering prospect of a new kit in 1/35th along with some excellent upgrade/conversion sets available, here's some news of what could be a invaluable series of reference books on the Churchill,
News in this morning to the MSW news-feed, Military Publishing House AJ-Press sends us an announcement of an interesting and useful new title in the "Encyclopedia of Warships series", "EOW 51, Nagato, Mutsu-vol. 1"