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Here's one that should prove popular for our upcoming Luftwaffe '46 Campaign! Planet Models have released a 1:48 resin kit of the Focke-Wulf P.II.
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Modelimex have released photos of Silver Wings' gorgeous looking new 1:32 Heinkel He 51.
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Trumpeter will be releasing a 1/48 JF-17 Thunder, the date of release is unknown at present.
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WW1 enthusiasts get the lion's share of Eduard's new kits in June with Dual Combos of the popular Pfalz D.IIIa and SPAD XIII. The latter is an American Aces special.
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SBS Model 1/48 KM-1 Ejection Seat for MIG-21 MF/BIS
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Valom have released a limited run 1:72 scale kit of the weird and wonderful Bell YFM-1A Airacuda, as shown in these sprue shots curtesy of Modelimex.
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Hobby Boss have published CAD images of their forthcoming 1/48 scale Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat.
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Mig Productions who are normally known for their AFV-related products have just announced a new range of low-cost Airbrushes.
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Modelimex have released sprue shots of the exiting new Special Hobby 1:48 IMAM Ro 57 bis.
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Here's the May line up of the MPM/CMK group. There are almost only new releases in 1/72 scale this time.
  • Italeri2
According to Italeri's latest news page, three aircraft kits should hit the shelves soon, all are Italian subjects!
Techmod have announced a new set of Junkers 88 decals and theres also a set of PZL P.7a decals in 1:72.
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The new 1/32 scale Eurofighter Typhoon from Trumpeter is available since a few days. Here are some pictures of the content of the box as well as photos of a finished model.
Announced and present at the Nürnberg Toy Fair, the 1/32 scale Swordfish from Trumpeter should reach the shelves soon. In case you've missed it, the chinese manufacturer has published some photos of the box' content as well as pictures of a finished model on its website.
Master Details produce a growing line of resin and multi-media figures and accessories for 1/32 scale model aircraft. Their latest addition is an U.S. Air Force Korean War Jet Pilot.
CMK are about to release no less than 12 (!?) resin sets for the Airfix 1/48 scale TSR-2 kit. Take a look at the list to see what will be available soon...
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Adalbertus have a 15% discount this week only for pre-orders on two exciting new RAAF Lifecolor acrylic paints sets.
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Adalbertus have released details of the latest Techmod decals in 1:72 and 1:48.
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Black Dog are a recently established AM company who have produced a variety of update sets for 1/48th & 1/72nd Scale AFVs. Here, though, are their first Aviation releases.
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The big news this month is the eagerly expected follow-up to Eduard's 1:32 Bf 109E-1, the 'E-4 - in many people's eyes the definitive "Emil", with wing cannon and square-framed canopy. Also on the kit front, the 1:48 Hellcat returns in a cut-down Weekend Edition.
  • mig17big
Neomega Resin have produced a resin upgrade set to totally transform Hobbyboss's popular MiG-17's cockpit.
  • ARK-48026_L
Modelimex have released pictures of the new 1/48 scale Hawker Hurricane from ARK Models. The kit is initially available in two forms in RAF and VVS service.
FFSMC (Flying Frog's Scale Models Club) is a new aftermarket decal manufacturer from France. Some of his products are really worth to take a look at!
The April Newsletter of the MPM group has just arrived. There are some very interesting informations about new kits to be released this year, especially in 1/72 scale. The 1/48 scale IMAM Ro-57bis should reach the shelves soon.
  • Wingnutwings.com
Along time in the making but it seems the newest aircraft model manufacturer is the brain child of Wingnut productions owner Peter Jackson (LotR) fame. Opening with a bang and the subject matter is 1/32 WWI plastic model aircraft kits
  • Mirage Halb.CL.II
I was in very early 2003 that I first heard the news in the wind. Mirage was to do a series of WWI aircraft in 1/48 scale. Right in the middle of that list was kit# 481211 Halberstadt CL II and kit #481212 Halberstadt CL II (Bay). Now in 2009 we are blessed to see the first of those kits on the horizon. An example was on view at the recent Nurnberg Toy Fair. . .
  • MPMS32009_L
Modelimex have released pictures of Special Hobby's 1/32 scale Heinkel He 110D-1.
Airfix have now published details of a BIG Release which is scheduled for this year.
Masterbox Ltd. have just made 'official' some information which should be particularly welcome to those of you who do large-scale aircraft subjects.
Squadron have sent us a link to a promotional video derived from the 3D instructions of the new Czech Model F-80C Shooting Star.
  • PAMD48030_L
Modelimex have announced the release of two highly detailed resin upgrades for Airfix's 1/48 scale TSR.2.
  • p8174_00b
April looks set to be another busy month for Eduard. No new kits, per se, but the Fw 190 A-5 makes a welcome re-appearance as a Profipack, while the Bf 110E and SPAD XIII are released as Weekend Editions for the first time. On the aftermarket front, there's plenty for everyone, but the highlight may well prove to be the triple-whammy of sets for Revell's big Ju 88A. The cockpit in that kit is already great - and with the addition of etched details, it should be eye-popping!
Good news for 1/72 scale aircraft builders, Mark58 expands his range with a new PSP display base for them.
  • AM-32-004_3
John Snyder of WEM sends us details of some additions to Air Masters fabulous range of machne guns.
They are expanding this range as more products become available.
  • 01507
The 1/32 scale Czech Model kit of the Lockheed F-80 C Shooting Star that was announced at the Nürnberg Toy Fair is out. It is already available at the Squadron webstore.
  • Vector_Hs126_Details_2
Unimpressed by the FM kit and tired of waiting for ICM's offering? Well Vector's all-resin 1/48 Henschel Hs 126 has arrived and looks set to be an absolute stunner!
Brian Keaney and Scott Hards from Hobbylink Japan have interviewed Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya during the Nürnberg Toy Fair 2009.
  • 00703
There are some interesting new references that are about to be released by the MPM Group in March. Here is a list of the kit that will hit the shelves soon. There will be something in every scale this time!
  • Mombeeck_Covers
Well known aviation historian and author Erik Mombeek is launching an ambitious self-publication project with English editions of two his latest works.
  • SBS_he72-full
Hungarian manufacture SBS Model have released some new resin sets in 1/72, and 1/48, and a useful copper ruler.

  • CR32002_1
Special East have annouced a novel series of 1/32 scale resin wheels produced by Contact-Résine.
  • 4852scan
Rest Models are noted in aviation circles for their extremely high quality 1/48 scale resin kits. Previously, they've also released a few figures with aircraft modelling tie-ins, and now their range is set to expand with the release of 3 new sets.
  • i2009-01_28
March will see the return of some Eduard favourites in new guises. For WW1 enthusiasts, there's the Fokker D.VII in a spectacular Sieben Schwaben Limited Edition, while WW2 modellers can look forward to the popular Fw 190A-8 re-released with brand new markings, plus the I-16 Type 24 in a simplified Weekend Edition with just a single markings option.
  • Luftwaffe_pedals
Eagle Editions have announced the release of a new set of 1/32 scale photo-etched Luftwaffe rudder pedals created by master-modeller Radu Brinzan.
  • i2009-01_03
February marks a dramatic move for Eduard with the release of their first 1/32 scale aircraft. The Bf 109E series has been a hot topic for months and, as you can see from the accompanying sprue-shots of the 'E-1, it looks set to be a real cracker!
  • EC120
Eagle Editions have announced 3 new sets of EagleCals for the Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1.
  • 01482
New from the Ukrainian firm AMP comes a short-run kit of the OH-6A Cayuse/"Loach" in 1/48 scale.
Here's a look ahead to some of the releases announced for the year ahead. Caution: this is only intended as a guide - some may be on the shelves already, while other projects may have been delayed or abandoned entirely:
Here's a look ahead to some of the 1/48 scale releases announced for the year ahead. Caution: this is only intended as a guide - some may be on the shelves already, while other projects may have been delayed or abandoned entirely:
Here's a look ahead to some of the 1/72 scale releases announced for the year ahead. Caution: this is only intended as a guide - some may be on the shelves already, while other projects may have been delayed or abandoned entirely:
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