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Brian Keaney and Scott Hards from Hobbylink Japan have interviewed Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya during the Nürnberg Toy Fair 2009.
  • 00703
There are some interesting new references that are about to be released by the MPM Group in March. Here is a list of the kit that will hit the shelves soon. There will be something in every scale this time!
  • Mombeeck_Covers
Well known aviation historian and author Erik Mombeek is launching an ambitious self-publication project with English editions of two his latest works.
  • SBS_he72-full
Hungarian manufacture SBS Model have released some new resin sets in 1/72, and 1/48, and a useful copper ruler.

  • CR32002_1
Special East have annouced a novel series of 1/32 scale resin wheels produced by Contact-Résine.
  • 4852scan
Rest Models are noted in aviation circles for their extremely high quality 1/48 scale resin kits. Previously, they've also released a few figures with aircraft modelling tie-ins, and now their range is set to expand with the release of 3 new sets.
  • i2009-01_28
March will see the return of some Eduard favourites in new guises. For WW1 enthusiasts, there's the Fokker D.VII in a spectacular Sieben Schwaben Limited Edition, while WW2 modellers can look forward to the popular Fw 190A-8 re-released with brand new markings, plus the I-16 Type 24 in a simplified Weekend Edition with just a single markings option.
  • Luftwaffe_pedals
Eagle Editions have announced the release of a new set of 1/32 scale photo-etched Luftwaffe rudder pedals created by master-modeller Radu Brinzan.
  • i2009-01_03
February marks a dramatic move for Eduard with the release of their first 1/32 scale aircraft. The Bf 109E series has been a hot topic for months and, as you can see from the accompanying sprue-shots of the 'E-1, it looks set to be a real cracker!
  • EC120
Eagle Editions have announced 3 new sets of EagleCals for the Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1.
  • 01482
New from the Ukrainian firm AMP comes a short-run kit of the OH-6A Cayuse/"Loach" in 1/48 scale.
Here's a look ahead to some of the releases announced for the year ahead. Caution: this is only intended as a guide - some may be on the shelves already, while other projects may have been delayed or abandoned entirely:
Here's a look ahead to some of the 1/48 scale releases announced for the year ahead. Caution: this is only intended as a guide - some may be on the shelves already, while other projects may have been delayed or abandoned entirely:
Here's a look ahead to some of the 1/72 scale releases announced for the year ahead. Caution: this is only intended as a guide - some may be on the shelves already, while other projects may have been delayed or abandoned entirely:
Here's a look ahead to some of the releases announced for the year ahead. Caution: this is only intended as a guide - some may be on the shelves already, while other projects may have been delayed or abandoned entirely:
  • MPMS32030_L
Modelimex have released pictures of Special Hobby's new 1/32 scale Nieuport 16.
  • Techmod_1161-1
Adalbertus have released details of two exciting new subjects in Techmod's range of aftermarket decals.
  • Mig-3-full_init_
Hungarian manufacture SBS Model have released a new resin propeller set for the Trumpeter Mig-3.
  • SAAF-RAF_promo_copy
OzMods 1/144th scale Canberra B(1)8 has just been released with two new decal options.
  • Tam_89782_Box
Tamiya's new limited edition 1/48 German 3t Cargo Truck Kfz 305 - the famous Opel "Blitz" - is now available.
  • Sea Harrier FA.2
Saturday 15th November saw Hannants launch their new 1/72nd kit at the Scale Model World show at Telford in the U.K.
  • 02_JHM-48001_L
Several different model aircraft assemby jigs have appeared over the last year or so and they are especially useful for keeping everything lined up on a biplane.
  • 6wotbc-cover
Eagle Editions have announce Volume 6 in their popular series of Luftwaffe photo albums - Wings Of The Black Cross.
  • Tam_Fw190F8_2
Tamiya's 1/48 scale Focke-Wulf Fw 190F is re-released this month as an 'F-8/F-9 complete with groundcrew figures and a bomb-loading trolley.

  • 8156b
WW1 rules the roost this December amongst Eduard's new releases with the brand new 1/48 scale Fokker Eindecker accompanied by the re-released Roland C.II.
  • Caribou_International_promo_copy
OzMods have just announced that their popular mixed media 1:48th DHC-4 Caribou is being given a new production run.
  • Modelling the Luftwaffe Special
From the publishers of Military in Scale Magazine, Traplet Publications, comes this bumper-packed 100 page Special Issue dedicated to "Modelling the Luftwaffe".
  • PD14
Platz are all set to add to their highly acclaimed range of 1/144 scale aircraft with a new double-kit of the P-47D Thunderbolt.
  • MPMS48054_L
Special Hobby continue to please enthusiasts of Australian WW2 aircraft with the release of a 1/48 scale CAC Wirraway.
  • CMKPLT217_L
Modelimex have released images of Planet Models' latest 1/48 scale resin kit - the Bugatti Model 100 Racer.
  • i2008-10_14
Next month sees the release of Eduard’s Messerschmitt Bf 110D as a stand-alone kit. This was previously only available in the Royal Edition and features a new fuselage moulding with an extended tail for the life-raft housing.

Also appearing again are the popular Albatros D.III and La-7 as Weekend Editions with no photo-etched details and decals for a single colour-scheme each.

On the photo-etch front, there are Big-Ed sets for Grumman “Cat” fans and Hasegawa’s recent Saab Draken comes in for the full Eduard treatment.
  • l_HAS71803_MFU1
Foil sheets for giving aircraft models a metallic finish are nothing new. However, a major model manufacturer announcing such sheets is a little innovative for something which has traditionally been part of the After-Market producers..
  • l_HAS36502_MFU3
Just seen, on DragonUSA's homepage is this very versatile set from Hasegawa
  • SBS_Rivetter
SBS Model offer Riveter tools for model kits in various scales, and also released a revised propeller set for late He-111 in 1:48
  • BAeHawk
The latest addition to OzMods growing range of 1/144 scale aircraft kits is the Bae Hawk T.1.
  • He-112V6_1
The best just got better! When I bought Rest Models' resin Heinkel He 112 V-6, I wrote:

Every once in a while a kit comes along which forces you to re-evaluate everything you've seen before. While I've continually been impressed by the improvements in resin casting over recent years, nothing could prepare me for Rest Models' He 112! Quite simply, it's the finest resin kit I've ever seen!"
  • EC117
Eagle Editions have announced three exciting new decal sheets timed to accompany Dragon's big new 1/32 scale Messerschmitt Bf 110C-7. The Bf 110 C/D sheets will also be produced in 1/48 scale, making them ideal for anyone looking for fresh colour schemes for Eduard's well established kit.
  • i2008-09_03
The Grumman hellcat is Eduard's latest Royal Class kit. This time the set will contain two full kits for the F6F-3 and F6F-5, plus resin parts for F6F-3N and F6F-5N night fighters, along with decals for two night fighter schemes. The kit will also contain two resin engines, new resin wheels, and resin machine guns. The PE parts comprise the contents of the existing Big Ed sets. The special bonus for this kit is a 1:1 scale replica of the main engine placard.
We’re hard at work on PE 4803, 1/48 Sea Fury Undercarriage. This set is being mastered for us by Radu Brinzan, and will consist of new main gear legs and wheels

  • MiG-25PD_engl_small
ICM announce the latest in their series of 1:72 Cold War Jets.
We are thrilled to announce that Master Model Builder - Floyd S. Werner, Jr. used The Small Shop Hold & Fold workstations, PE Cut-off Set & Rolling Sets in the New Master Class Model Video.
  • shortspinner_for_news
Hungarian manufacture SBS Model have released some new resin sets, including a propeller set for the Tamiya He-129
  • HLS48007
A couple of new 1/48th scale Aviation-connected releases from the Czech manufacturer Hauler.
  • 40411
The Czech manufacturer, PlusModel are better known for their armor/diorama-related subjects. However, here's an interesting 1/48th scale item for aviation modelers - particularly for those modeling Eastern Front settings.
What follows is today's Press Release for Pegasus / Silver Cloud / Blue Max :

"Pegasus Models Under New Ownership"
by Chris Gannon
  • FLY-48001_L
Modelimex have released sprue shots of the first kits by a new Eastern-European manufacturer - Fly.
  • FLY-48003_L
Modelimex have released pictures of Fly's new 1/48 scale kit of the Focke Achgelis Fa 330 giro kite.
  • MPMS48051_L
It's always exciting to see a new Spitfire kit! Modelimex have released sprue shots of Special Hobby's brand new 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk Vc "Malta Defenders".
  • EE_127
Among Eagle Editions' series of Wings of Valor fine art prints are four limited editions featuring the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 and the Ta 152.
  • i2008-08_05
WW1 takes pride of place next month with the release of Eduard's long-awaited 1/48 scale SPAD XIII. The new kit promises exceptional levels of detail, both inside and out, with a comprehensive interior and flying surfaces that feature rib stitching. Markings will be included for four aircraft.
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