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Saturday, June 09, 2018 - 09:33 PM UTC
Vintage Flyer Decals has produced five new decal releases for the DC-4 in 1/72 and 1/144 scales
”Just released five new decals for the DC-4!

●Braniff International DC-4 (delivery colors)
●Colonial Airlines DC-4 (delivery colors)
●TWA DC-4 (“Trans World Airline” delivery colors with correct gold and black outlines)
●TWA DC-4 (“Trans World Airlines” colors (circa 1952) with correct black outlines)
●TWA DC-4 (Final “Sky Freighter” scheme of the last few DC-4s used as freighters)

All three TWA sheets include multiple aircraft names and registration numbers. The decals are available in 1/144 and 1/72 for the Revell kit. In addition, all sheets come with 3D cockpit and passenger windows and updated details!

Check out the images and prices on the website: www.vintageflyerdecals.com

The 1/72 scale decal releases are designed for use with the Revell DC-4 / C-54 kit

VFD144-248 - DC-4 Braniff (Delivery) - 1/144
VFD072-248 - DC-4 Braniff (Delivery) - 1/72
VFD144-258 - DC-4 Colonial 1/144
VFD072-258 - DC-4 Colonial 1/72
VFD144-255 - DC-4 TWA (Delivery) 1/144
VFD072-255 - DC-4 TWA (Delivery) 1/72
VFD144-256 - DC-4 TWA (Circa 52) 1/144
VFD072-256 - DC-4 TWA (Circa 52) 1/72
VFD144-257 - DC-4 TWA (Sky Freighter Final) 1/144
VFD072-257 - DC-4 TWA (Sky Freighter Final) 1/72

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