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Monday, June 12, 2017 - 03:00 PM UTC
Caracal Decals has re-released itís Hustler B-58 decal sheets in 1/48 scale
I reckon there are around nineteen marking options in this release. Note the illustrations are for eight of the aircraft included with this release.

"The B-58 is more than the first Mach 2-capable operational supersonic bomber: with its sleek lines, it is a timeless aviation classic. Our latest decal sheet covers the history of B-58 operations at a level of detail and coverage that this magnificent aircraft deserves.

The options on this 4-page decal set span the entire career of the B-58, starting from the early evaluation schemes; all the way to both operational and test aircraft from all operator units, and the mythical "Project Bullseye" aircraft".

Caracal Decal

The aircraft featured on this sheet are:

-B-58A 61-2068 "Deputy Dawg"
-B-58A 59-2447 "Rapid Rabbit"
-B-58A 60-1119 "City of Kokomo"
-B-58A 59-2451 "The Firefly"
-B-58A 59-2428 "Ben Hur"
-B-58A 58-1016 "Champion of Champions" (as marked for the Jimmy Stewart promotional film)
-B-58A 59-2430 (early Carswell AFB scheme with red chevron on tail)
-B-58A 58-1009 "Bonanza / El Toro de Moron"
-B-58A 59-2461 "Hoosier Hustler"
-B-58A 59-2458 "Star Raker" (Bendix Trophy Winner)
-B-58A 61-2053 2nd BW "winged 2" on tail
-B-58A 59-2435 "Shackbuster"
-B-58A 55-0660 Convair first flight scheme
-B-58A 55-0662 Convair later eval scheme
-TB-58 55-0662 XB-70 chase aircraft
-B-58A 55-0661 ARDC
-B-58A 55-0662 ARDC
-B-58A 55-0665 ARDC
-B-58A 59-2428 "Project Bullseye" SEA camouflage

CD48059 - B-58 Hustler Ė 1/48

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