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Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 04:34 PM UTC
DN Models latest release is a mask set in 1/72nd scale for the splinter camo scheme found on the Saab Viggen.
Splinter Camo Paint Masks for Saab Viggen
The set includes three sheets of pre-cut masks (shown in the picture).
Suggested scale - 1/72nd
SKU - 72/827-013
Price - $14.99

The set includes three sheets of masks (shown in the picture). The masks are made from thin masking tape, which is easy to be peeled off and doesn’t leave any stains. The tape is tested on clear and painted model too. If carefully removed after painting, they can be used over and over again. It is flexible and easily applied over curved surfaces. Semitransparent for easy and accurate placing.

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I need this! Had an inbuilt Viggen for far too long.
MAY 13, 2017 - 04:47 PM
What a great idea! I've always wanted to do a Viggen, but the prospect of making masks for that complex camouflage always put me off.
MAY 17, 2017 - 07:06 PM
These do look like a time-saver, but actually, doing splinter camo isn't that big a challenge: Scale the painting diagram to the exact same size as the model and print it, tape that to a sheet of masking material (I use Tamiya), and use a sharp knife to cut along the lines. Done! I used that for a Swedish CV-9040B several years ago, and that has a lot more odd shapes and bumps than a Viggen.
MAY 17, 2017 - 09:48 PM
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