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Thursday, December 05, 2013 - 11:04 AM UTC
Revell of Germany have released a 1/32nd Eurocopter EC135 ADAC, and have announced a colourful version of their 1/48th AH-64D Apache.
Eurocopter EC135 ADAC

The EC135 P2 has been in production at Eurocopter since 2002. It is regarded as the most cost-effective and quietest helicopter in its class. In 2011, the Franco-German Company delivered its 1000th EC135 to the ADAC. With 49 of its own escue and Intensive-Care Helicopters, 180 employees and 37 Air Rescue Stations at daily readiness the ADAC Air Rescue Service Ltd is the largest air rescue organization in Germany. By the end of 2012, the ADAC had undertaken approximately 690,000 operational sorties. The ADAC works together with more than 700 "Flying" Doctors and 260 HEMS crew members. In the first half of 2013, the "Yellow Angel of the Skies" took off some 25,500 times and helped approximately 23,000 people. Fitted with the new Particle Filter System IBF (Inlet Barrier Filter), EC135 P2 D-HBYF, has been in service with the ADAC Air Rescue Service since March 2011.

Model details
- New Mould
- Finely Structured Surfaces
- Detailed Cockpit with Control Column and Instrument Console
- Cabin with Rescue Equipment and Equipment Rail in the Roof
- Stretcher, Defibrillator Box and Oxygen Bottles
- Tailgate can be installed in the open or closed position
- Imitation Engine and Gearbox Units
- Detailed Rotor Head wit Control Linkage
- Detailed Fenestron Tail Rotor
- Tail Stabilisers with separate Navigation Lights
- Detailed Skid Under-carriage
- Antennae and Windscreen Wipers
- Decal Set for 2 ADAC Versions
- Eurocopter EC135 P2, c/n 0078, D-HBYF, ADAC, "Christoph 6", Bremen, Germany 2013
- Eurocopter EC135 P2, c/n 0100, D-HBYF, ADAC, "Christoph 31", Berlin, 2013

Scale - 1/32
Release date - 12/2013
Item No - 04659
No. of parts - 260
Length - 332 mm
Rotor diameter - 318 mm

AH-64D Apache "100-Military Aviation"

The AH-64D Longbow Apache is currently the most advanced, versatile and powerfully armed attack helicopter in the world. This upgraded version of the Apache was used extremely effectively by the US Army in the Gulf Wars of 1991 and 2003. The long-range radar can be used for protection, but it is also capable of accurately acquiring up to 1000 potential targets and identifying 128 opponents. It also automatically designates the priorities for the attack mode of up to 16 Hellfire guided missiles. The Longbow system consists primarily of the fire control radar which is located atop the mast above the rotor. This Longbow system, together with the modern digital avionics and weapons, ultimately makes the AH-64D 16 times more effective that its predecessor. The British Army uses 60 WAH-64D Apaches built by Westland, which have been further modified to meet British requirements. The Dutch air force also uses a great number of these attack helicopters.

Model details
Scale - 1/48
Release date 04/2014
Item No - 04896
No. of parts 184
Length 315 mm
Rotor diameter 304 mm

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Ah, that very nice livery of the Dutch Apache Demoteam now available. More pictures of this very nice Apache 'The Hawk' can be found here: LINK and here: LINK Jelger
DEC 05, 2013 - 07:25 PM

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