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Sunday, November 17, 2013 - 10:35 PM UTC
Revell of Germany are to release a 1/32nd Tornado GR.Mk.1 in RAF markings.
A powerful and divesting force which for three European NATO nations (UK, Germany and Italy) in the late 1970s was to become reality as the supersonic swing-wing Panavia Multi Role Combat Aircraft; named Tornado, it has formed the backbone of air power for three countries from the early 1980s. The main version is the IDS (Interdictor Strike) for ground attack and reconnaissance, with the ADV (Air Defence Version) mainly for Royal Air Force service. The German Air Force also operates the ECR ("Wild Weasel") version. Combat debut came during the 1991 Gulf War when RAF and Italian Tornados carried out many dangerous missions against heavily defended Iraqi targets. Although such actions were not without losses, the concept of this low flying, rugged multi-role aircraft, with its sophisticated terrain-following radar and advanced avionics and defence system, was well proven. The tri-national programme has a proved a major success for the European defence industries and during the coming years many more airframe and weapons updates will ensure that Tornado remains one of the world's most formidable combat aircraft.

The model
Scale - 1/32
Release date - 12/2013
No. of parts - 280
Length - 551 mm
Wingspan - 440 mm

- 4x Multi Function Bomb Fuse free-fall bombs
- 2x laser guided bombs
- 1x ECM pod (Sky shadow)
- 2 additional tanks (2,250 litre) Antennas for the RAF version
- Flush metal joints and authentic structures
- Detailed cockpit with precision engraved and embossec instrument panels
- Detailed ejector seats with many structures
- Radar section optionally open or closed
- Detailed radar installation
- Detailed landing gear and landing-gear wells
- Landing gear may be constructed optionally in the retracted or extended position
- Movable stabilisers irtail
- Detailed engine outlet cone
- Separate brake flaps, which can be opened if required
- Separate transparent parts for navigation lights Refuelling probe can be optionally retracted or extended
- Super decal with all markings for 3 versions (No. 31 Squadron, Bruggen; No. 617, Squadron Lossiemouth; RAF Tornado Detachment, Tabu, Saudi Ariabia)

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Do you know if this is a new tool or re-release of the old mouldings?
NOV 18, 2013 - 07:11 AM

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